“In Loving Memory” of:
Departed Family Members by Jim & Doris Caravan
Max & Eva Thorne by Edwin Hussey
Isabelle Bishop by Raymond Bishop
Harry Bishop by Raymond Bishop
Departed Dear Friends by Joy, Gary, Kathryn & Kristen Baker
Col. S. Roberts by Skakuntla & Manubhai Devani
Loved Ones by Karen & Llewellyn Noel
Lanny Raines by Terry & Carol Snelgrove
Parents, Ben & Gertrude Deir by Audrey & Bernard Wakeham & Family
Husband, Roy by Shirley Pynn
Loved Ones by Pauline & Lloyd Hiscock
Loved Ones by Lindy, Vera, Heather & Robert Goulding
Loved Ones by Edna & Ivan Osmond
Margaret Bursey & Other Loved Ones by Gordon & Edith Rendell
Parents & Grandparents: Stanley & Daily Noel, Edward & Faye Raines by Gloria Raines & Family
Mother, Winnie Thornhill by Joan & Walter Scott
Parents, Rosa & Samuel Hillyard by Daughter, Hazel Evans
Son, Glenn Pittman by Charlie & Alice
George & Beulah Morris by Marion Lake
George & Beulah Morris by Sharon, Janet, Jeff & Families
Loved Ones by Raymond & Elaine Critchley
Loved Ones by Barb Walsh
Loved Ones by Edie & Gordon Randell
Mother, Clara Barnes by Sons, Andrew, Stephen & Families
John Moore by Wife Dorothy, Daughters, Karen, Margie, Nancy, Jennifer & Families
Loved Ones by Gerald & Ruth Thompson
Father & Grandfather, Horace Clarke by Barry, Gale, Nancy & Jonathon
Ruby Wheeler by Ann & Ron Hull
Loved Ones by Sandra Saunders & Family
Mervin Jewer by Terry & Eleanor Hamilton
William Oldford by Wife June
Parents: Harry & Madalene Earle & Cyril & Edna White by George & Jean White
Parents, Margritta & Ches Power by Maxine & Family
Myrtle & Jack Francis by Melinda, Dave, Amy & Matthew
Loved Ones by Madeline Small
Departed Family Members by Shirley Hynes
John & Wanda Bishop by Vince & Marie Christian
Parents: Waughs & Christians by Hilda & John
Husband, William Rowe by Wife, Eileen Rowe
Loved Ones by Linda Rose
Shirley Randell by Cousin, E. Osmond
Leslie Antle by Audrey Antle
Parents, Graham & Pina Baker by Loretta
Rowena Hussey by Fern Baker
Parents, Graham & Pina Baker by Lorne & Irene
Loved Ones by Kevin Flood
Aunt & Uncle Rita & Allan Cooper by Bev & John Baker
Loved Ones by Sharon & Ray Goulding
Father, Raymond Ludlow by Donna & Roy Folkes
Pop, Lloyd Folkes by Christopher & Ashley Folkes
Poppy Roy Pilgrim by Grandchildren, Sydney & Brooklyn
All our wonderful friends from this Church who are no longer with us by Inez & Eric Penney
Gordon Bishop by Barbara Bishop & Family
Lloyd & Emma Thompson by Pete & Juanita Banfield
Husband, Wallace Janes by Wife, Lucy
Ruth Boobie by Kim & Rick Goobie
Loves Ones by Shawn & Christina Osmond