Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the management of the financial affairs of the congregation, providing for appropriate accounting, control, and reporting of all income and disbursements of church funds.

Ministry and Personnel Committee

The role of the Ministry and Personnel Committee is to deal with all matters relating to the support and supervision of persons employed by the church, and to foster harmonious relationship among the church staff, members of the congregation, and others.

Pastoral Care Committee

The Pastoral Care Committee is a network of congregational members working in our community to bring our United Church families together. We have our community (Grand Falls-Windsor) divided into 27 Wards with a contact person for each ward. There are four team captains each responsible for a number of wards. The purpose of the ward system is to make available to church members a contact person who may visit if required, assist in time of need, or be a source of information to and from the Church Office or Minister.

Property Committee

The role of the Property Committee is to keep all of the church property in good condition for congregational and community use; and attend to the general upkeep and maintenance of the church, office, and manse.

Stewardship Committee

Among the responsibilities of the Stewardship Committee is the overall stewardship level of the congregation and to give encouragement so that its full financial potential can be realized. Also, the committee communicates to the congregation the need for funding and the program of expenditure.


One of the great privileges you have in life is to become involved in the life and work of your church.  Many opportunities open up from time to time to give you that privilege.

Every year we ask for volunteers to serve on the different boards and committees of the church. Some of our members of the Session have completed their term and now they need to be replaced.  This year we need seven members.

The main duty of the Session is to oversee the spiritual interests of the congregation.  

This would include: 

• The admission of persons into full membership, or their removal and granting of certificates to transfer.  • The administration of the sacraments.~  The religious training of the young, such as the conductingof Confirmation Classes.• The order of public worship and the use of the Sanctuary.• The maintaining of the registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, and also the upkeep of the Congregational Membership Roll.  • The care of the poor and the visiting of the sick, along with other outreach endeavours.  

These are but a few of the duties and responsibilities of the Session. Meetings are held monthly, except July and August, and regular attendance is encouraged. If you feel inclined to be involved in this rewarding and satisfying ministry, and you want to make this kind of contribution to the life and work of your congregation and to the Kingdom of God, all you have to do is call the Clerk of Session, Ray Penney, or the Church Office, and submit your name. Members are appointed to the Session at the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Christian Education Committee

Among many of its mandates, this committee oversees all aspects of the operation of Sunday School and Youth Church including the recruitment and training of teachers and the assessment and selection of curriculum and study materials.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees through the "Trust of Model Deed" holds title to all property, whether real or personal, that is held in trust or acquired for the use of the congregation.

Other Committees at work in the church are:

Counting Committee
West District Representatives
Interfaith Cemetery Committee
UCW Executive
Men's Choir Committee
Church Choir Committee
Website Committee

Recognizing our Volunteers!

We can always use new people to help out with the mission of this church.  If you think that you or someone you know may have gifts that would fit a certain committee, please let Rev. Kim or the committee chair know!


Official Board:  The Official Board looks after the governing of this church as a whole.  Under that umbrella are the permanent committees and sub committees as follows:


Ministry and Personnel:  This committee offers support and care to the staff of the church and mediates concerns between the staff and members of the congregation.


Finance:  This committee is charged with looking after the financial well-being of the church.  Under its umbrella is a sub-committee that is looking for new members, the Counting Committee – who operate in teams to count and record the weekly givings for a few weeks at a time. 


Stewardship:  This committee is charged with educating the congregation on the mission of the church at both the local and more global level.  Much of this work is done in conjunction with the Finance Committee, but they are also charged with engaging the congregation as a whole in helping to be church in our world.


Christian Education:  This committee is charged with overseeing the Christian Education of the congregation.  This includes such things as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Adult Book/Bible studies, and any activity which falls under the auspices of education.


Session:  The Session is charged with overseeing all aspects of worship and the well-being of the membership.  They look after any activities which take place in the Sanctuary of the church, and are charged with the upkeep of Registers and Rolls as well as Pastoral Care of the congregation.  Also under the oversight of Session are our trained (and talented) Lay Readers, who take over leading services whenever called upon to do so.


Property:  The Property Committee is charged with oversight of the physical property of the church, including the manse.  This committee can always use extra hands!


United Church Women (UCW):  The UCW is made up of women of the congregation who meet for fellowship, fun and work.  Their contribution to the life and mission of the church is far too long and involved to list here, but through hard work they have and continue to provide comfort for the bereaved by catering funeral receptions, and through funds raised in various ways have provided untold families with food, clothing, school supplies, and whatever else is needed in the community at large.  Any woman is welcome to join at any time.


Musicians:  The Men’s Choir, Senior Choir and UC5 group are very active in the life and work of the church.  Both choirs and the UC5, along with our very talented choir director and organist, are absolutely essential to the worship life of the congregation.  The choirs are always seeking new members, whether musically trained or not.  If singing makes you feel good, then you’re a perfect fit!.  Please consider singing with us.


We give profound thanks to each and every volunteer in our church, and hope that you will consider donating some of your time to keep us alive and vibrant in the community!