Policies, Guidelines and Suggestions
for Use of the Sanctuary 

Property Use Policy and Procedures 
All requests for use of the Sanctuary of Memorial United Church shall directed in writing to the Session of the church. Persons requesting use of the Sanctuary will abide by the approved "Property Use Policy and Procedures" of the church, and will submit a completed activity and space reservation application. A copy of the "Church Facilities Policy" and the activity space reservation application may be obtained in the church office. (pending)

The Sanctuary was thoughtfully and prayerfully built for worship and the proclamation of the Gospel. Any activity judged by the pastor or other designated authority of the church to be inconsistent with the belief, teachings and practices of the congregation will not be permitted in the sanctuary.

Guidelines and Suggestions
These regulations are designed to be a guide in the use of the sanctuary and to protect it from abuse. Dignified simplicity in church decorations is encouraged. The decorative emphasis should never distract from the spiritual significance of church architecture and appointments. We believe that God is truly worshiped in His house through good liturgical usage that reflects the best of our theological thinking.

Consultation with the Minister
It is expected that the minister or the church office manager will be consulted before any arrangements are made for the use of the church facilities. All Services of Worship will be with the minister's/Session's oversight/assistance.

1) SCHEDULING: Normally weddings should be scheduled at least three months before the date of the wedding. Wedding date must be approved by the minister.

2) AUTHORITY: A wedding is a religious ceremony, and the minister is in charge of both the rehearsal and the ceremony. If it is requested that a minister other than that of this congregation conduct or have a part in the ceremony, the minister may at his/her discretion issue that invitation.

3) RICE/BALLOONS: Please do not throw rice or confetti outside or in the church sanctuary or any other part of the building. Scattering flower petals in the church, even artificial ones, is prohibited. Birdseed may be used outside only. Balloons are discouraged for environmental reasons.

4) PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographers may take pictures of the bridal party after the ceremony or as they approach or leave the chancel. Plans for other photographs should be discussed with the minister prior to the service. Guests may not take pictures at any time during the service. Video cameras must be stationary. Professional photographer may take pictures during the ceremony at times discussed with the minister.

5) MUSIC: All music chosen for the wedding ceremony should be in keeping with the musical traditions of the United Church. The organist can provide guidelines for selections. It is the responsibility of persons involved in the ceremony to contact and secure the services of musicians. Any guest musicians must be approved by the minister. Recorded music may be used but must be approved by the minister prior to the rehearsal.

6) FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: All greenery used must be in acceptable containers with protection for the carpet. No decorations may be used in the nave aisles. To prevent drippings, candles should be in proper containers. Candles should not be used on pews or in windows. No nails, tacks or tape may be used or driven into walls, woodwork, pews or floors of the church. None of the furniture is to be moved out of position. No decorations will be permitted that will abuse the pews, walls, floors or property of the church.

7) REHEARSAL: Let us remember, always, that the church is the house of God and the rehearsal should be conducted accordingly. Wedding rehearsals are to be scheduled so that they will not interfere with other regular services of the church. In consideration of the minister and the church staff, the rehearsal should begin on time. Experience has shown that a maximum of one hour is adequate for a rehearsal.

8) FEES: All fees are mandatory and to be paid directly to the individuals. Should you be in a financial situation which makes meeting this fee structure difficult, the minister may waive the fees at his/her discretion.

Church - $200.00
This includes time booked for the wedding and rehearsal, as well as at least an hour before and after the wedding to facilitate decorating and removal of decorations. This also includes the C.E. Centre as a prep area and potential alternate for photographs.

Clergy - $200.00
This includes the time the minister takes to meet with the couple (usually a minimum of 2-3 times), write the wedding liturgy, make certain all legalities are respected, run the rehearsal and the wedding.

Organist - $100.00
This includes the time it takes for the organist to learn the music and attend the rehearsal and wedding.

Caretaker/Sound Technician: $150.00
This includes the caretaker's services for setup and teardown of decorations, cleaning of the church after the wedding, and running the second booth during both the rehearsal and wedding.

Total: $650.00