(Above): Combined Men's Choir and Church Choir for Christmas Service 2008.

An integral part of every church service is music, and there is abundance of talent at Memorial United to ensure there is variety and quality at all times. Besides soloists who minister at services from time to time, there are three choirs – Youth Choir, Church Choir and Men's Choir, and the Guitar Group known as UC5.

The newly-formed Youth Choir is under the direction of Mr. Peter Banfield. The Church Choir and Men’s Choir are under the direction of Glenn Mouland. The accompanist for both choirs is Wallace Robinson. Glenn also directs the Central Newfoundland Cancer Survivor Choir, which performs at our church from time to time. Practices are held weekly. The choirs are featured on scheduled Sundays including the UC5.

The UC5 guitar/accordian group began as an "offshoot" of the men's choir, under the leadership of Ralph Angel (Ralph’s Angels!). Besides performing at various venues throughout the community, they are involved in outreach ministries in attending retirement home services several times monthly. They also hold old-fashioned evening gospel sing-alongs and fund-raisers from time to time, all of which are always well attended and enjoyed.

It is interesting to note that the men’s choir is now in its 22nd year, having been formed at the time of our new church complex's official opening in 1990. It was the brainchild of Roy Stoodley who recruited Maxine Stanley as first choir director. Besides their music ministry, the men are involved in many areas of the life of the church and community, such as lumberjack dinners during Winter Carnival Week, caterings at various community and church functions.

Wallace Robinson

Wallace became the church organist in 2003. He was also Men's Choir director for several years and has been actively involved in church music for over 50 years. He is also organist at First United.

Glen Mouland

Glen became church choir director in 1990. He is also director of the Men's Choir at Memorial United and the Cancer Survivor Choir, and is a member of the Exploits Valley Jazz Band and Town Band. 


Consisting of Garfield Roberts, Howard Barnes, Merricks Chipp, Ralph Angel and Greg Forward respectively. This active singing group performs at services, seniors' homes and around the community and province.

Peter Banfield

Pete became church organist and Youth Choir director in 2010. Presently, he is Youth Choir director and assistant organist. He has also been involved with the Men's Choir and the UCW Choir. Prior to his involvement at Memorial United Church, Pete has had music involvement in both the Salvation Army, Circular Road and Holy Trinity Anglican. He graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education.