Pictures from the Past

1. Methodist Church, High Street, 1911

2. Methodist Ladies’ Aid Society, 1916: Front row: Ethel Rowsell, Bessie Bishop, Isabel Steele, Edith Hann, Mary Frampton, Emma Downton, Evie Simmonds; Second row: Hilda Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Willis Locke, Mrs. Nath Pike, Mrs. Sidney Arnold, Mrs. Josiah Goodyear Sr., Mrs. Lucy Morgan, Mrs. N.M. Guy, unknown, Hazel Simmonds; Third row: Mrs. Grace Hann, Mrs. W. Ash, Mrs. Mary Goudie, Mrs. Humphries, Mrs. George Wingrove, Mrs. John Knight.

3. Early church members on church steps, High Street, 1912

4. Methodist Girls’ Guild 1924: Back row: Phyllis Way, Melvina Priest, Dorothy LeDrew, Violet Hicks, Dorothy Powell, Lydia Andrews, Sadie Scott, Fanny Penney; Middlw row: ?, Bessie Hicks, Anne Cater, Winnie Carter, Hilda Rowsell, __ Lidstone, Daisy Downton, Florence Rowe, Vi Arklie; First row: Eva Rowe, Lillian Wilkinson, Ada Cater, Phoebe Watkins, Mrs. Wingrove, Sue Oldford, Blanche Lacey, Precilla Hillyard, Gwen Butler; Two women in front: Effie Lacey, Gertie Way

5. Young people’s group in 1935.

6. Memorial United Church Senior Choir, 1938

7. Officiation Ministers 25th Anniversary: Rev. A.S. Butt, President of Conference; Rev. W.B. Perry, Rev. R.B. Green, Rev. W.B. Bugden, Rev. S.J. Hillier.

8. Memorial United Church Senior Choir—1974

9. Memorial United Church Junior Choir, 1975

10. Canadian Girls In Training: Mother and Daughter photo—1952

11. AOTS Men’s Service Club, Bennett Hall, Afternoon Tea: Back row (L-R): 1. Wilbur Osmond 2. Douglas Hayward 3. Gordon Braye 4. Charles Giles 5. ? 6. ? 7. Harold Downton 8. Geo Bugden 9. Kenneth Goodyear 10. Philip Reid 11. Andrew Sanger (?) 12. Harvey Andrews 13. George Bulgin 14. Hardy Rideout or Harvey Boyd 15. ? 16. Jack Cater 17. ? 18. ? 19. Alvin Wheeler 20. Wilfred Mouland

12. Senior Choir (possibly late 70s): Front row (L-R): Joan Powers, Shirley Down, Vera Ludlow, Joan Budgell, Dorothy Budgell, Marilyn Connolly, Hazel Giles (Organist), Gwen Manuel, Shirley Pynn, Emily Stoodley, Patty (Thomas) Boone, Maxine Stanley, Marion Lake; Back row: George Bugden (director), Len Rendell, Lloyd Goodyear, Roy Pynn, Wallace Boone, Ray Rowsell, Roy Stoodley, John Moore, Hughie Evans, Wilbur Osmond.

13. Junior Boys’ Choir published in the Grand Falls Advertiser 1978 (probably around anniversary time).