Several individuals contribute to this website and do updates from time to time. These individuals names will be published here when they become available. 

Memorial United Church respects personal and private information received through email or other means. This information will be treated as such. You are welcome to browse our pages without disclosing any information about yourself. We cannot and will not attempt to identify you unless you submit information about yourself via the office secretary email address or webmaster address links. 

Every reasonable attempt is made to keep material current and relative to our congregation. In incidences where group photos of children are shown, such as Sunday School or baptisms, etc., parental permission is sought before publication. If your picture, or personal information such as address, appears in a picture gallery or on a page on our site, and you object to it, please contact the webmaster and describe where the incident occurs, and it will be removed from the site. 

Our web site uses links to a variety of sources outside our own church web site. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of such linked sites. Please refer to the linked web sites for details on their privacy policies. External links are provided for your convenience and may become inactive without notice; however, a reasonable attempt is being made to keep all links active and linking to the correct information. You are invited to contact the webmaster if a link becomes inactive or links to an incorrect page. Many links are to .PDF files for which additional software to view is required.

Disclosure of Information
Information regarding the number of visitors to our web site, IP addresses, originating countries, times of visits, and most often/least often visited pages, files downloaded, and similar information, is made available to web site committee members and interested parties for the purpose of ascertaining usage of our site. No personal identity is contained in these reports.

Contacting Memorial United Church through the Web Site
Visitors are encouraged to contact our church through the web site. On the Contact Page there is a form if you wish to make a comment to the page. Please be aware this is a confidential link but may be viewed by several people. Use the links to the left of the form to contact specific persons such as the minister, office secretary or webmaster.

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Thank you
This is a thank you to those who contribute to our website from time to time or make a suggestion. For photography, this site thanks Harold Butt. Thanks to Otilija Russell for Organ Pipes picture banner and Elmo Hewlett for Baptism pictures.