The purpose of the Ward System is to make a contact person available to church members,
who may visit, if required, assist in time of need, or be a source of information
to and from the Church Office or Minister.

The following is a list of the Wards, contact person for each ward, and the streets that are in each ward.

 Ward #

Ward 1

Ward 2

Contact Person                             Streets

Austin Clarke (489-5325)                Cater Ave., Cater Pl., Edward’s Pl., Sheppard St.

Ward 2 James Dobson (489-5243) Conway St., Hennessey Pl., Southcott Drive

Ward 3 Elizabeth Reid (489-9706) Brown Ave., Ebsary Pl., Bartle Pl., Tucker Pl., Finn Ave.

Ward 4 Cecil Thomas (489-5046) Knight St., Andrews Court, Andrews Crescent, Anstey Pl.,

Bouzane Pl., Moore Pl.

Ward 5 Debbie Sheppard (489-1983) Beaton Pl., Canada Pl., Ireland Dr., Dawe Cres., Power Pl.

Ward 6 Joan Pynn (489-2810) Crawley Ave., Earle Place. Gardner St., Shallow St.,

Thomas St.

Ward 7 Joan Scott (489-2914) Greenwood Ave., Larch St., Willow Road

Ward 8 Birch St., Elm St., Maple Ave.

Ward 9 George Piercey (489-5263) Lind Ave., Poplar Road

Ward 10 Peggy Girvan (489-4445) Memorial Avenue

Ward 11 Walter Scott (489-2914) Beaumont Ave., Crescent Hgts., Monchy Rd., Polygon Rd.,

Suvla Rd.

Ward 12 Ernie Newhook (489-3594) Lincoln Rd., Sunset Drive

Ward 13 Sybil Doran (489-7674) Pine Ave., Bank Rd., Junction Rd., Peronne Rd., Queen St.

Ward 14 Peggy Saunders (489-7132) Esmond St., Kerry Pl., Mayo St., Sutherland Dr.

Ward 15 Wilf Roberts (489-6858) Cranley Pl., Dunn Pl., Sullivan St.

Ward 16 Harry Parsons (489-6226) Bishop St., Dorrity Pl., Muir Ave., O’Neil Ave.

Ward 17 Louise Gillingham (489-4328) Allan St., Cartwright St., Chamberlain St., Gately St.

Ward 18 Bonnie Angel (489-6504) Circular Rd., High St., Riverview Rd., Hill Rd.,

Ward 19 Terry Hann (489-6216) Cabot Rd., Carmelite Rd., Exploit’s Lane, Exploits’s Ave.

Ward 20 Rosalind Budgell (489-2908) East St., Railway Rd., Third Ave., Union St., Valley Rd.,

West St., Harmsworth Dr.

Ward 21 Eleanor Dean (489-6021) Goodyear Ave.

Ward 22 Lanny Raines (489-5045) Grenfell Hgts, #1- #59

Ward 23 Betty Rendell (489-4335) Grenfell Hgts. #60- #d193

Ward 24 Gloria Raines (489-5045) Grenfell Hgts. #194 - Grenfell Hgts. Ext., Wooddale

Ward 25 Lloyd Hiscock (489-6358) Terrace Apts., Judge’s Terrace, Hillside Terrace

Ward26 Dianne Kelly (489-4087) &

Faith Champion (489-5204) Carmelite House, Golden Years Estates,

Twin Town Manor

Ward 27 George Hynes (489-3437) Windsor Ward